Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vegan MoFo #2: Waffles & an Anniversary

I am really excited about participating in my first Vegan MoFo! I have been following it for several years now and always looked forward to all the great posts during that month. Now I am actually participating. Go me.

Yesterday was also my one year anniversary of going vegan. Awesome. I was a vegetarian for five years prior. I thought a five year anniversary was a good time to re-evaluate my choices. I decided to go vegan for one month as a test run. I never went back and now it has been a year. I won’t say it has always been easy but there is so much great vegan food out there that it is hard to feel deprived!

Not much else going on this weekend but we did have these waffles from Vegan with a Vengeance. They are the Banana-Pecan Waffles. These had walnuts instead of pecans and we used green bananas instead of old soft ones. I think I like it better this way. I actually can’t stand bananas except in breads. Weird I know.
Tippie wants a bite


  1. Congrats on begin vegan for one year! Woot! So glad I found you via MoFo!

  2. That is a gorgeous waffle. Flawless!

  3. Gorgeous waffles. It's awesome you went vegan for a month & then stuck to it, that's exactly what my husband did just over a year ago!

  4. @ JL
    I also just recently discovered your blog through Happy Herbivore. Thanks for the shout!

  5. @ invictus & vegan in brighton
    Thanks for stopping by guys!

  6. Yay for going vegan! I want waffles now, well I always want them actually. Good luck with your first Mofo and all the ones to come!