Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vegan MoFo #14: Restaurant Review: Café Capricho

First on the list for the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge is Café Capricho. This is a veg-friendly restaurant that I have been meaning to visit but never got around to it. Well I’m glad I finally did.
I had the vegan plate which included a potato enchilada and a soft taco stuffed with butternut squash, corn, and green bell pepper. These were served with black beans and quinoa.

This meal was fantastic. Everything was very fresh and flavorful. The food was not greasy at all which I really appreciated. Also their salsas were great.
The beautiful ruby drink in the back is the Two Rivers Pomegranate Hard Apple Cider, which they have on tap. This cider is wonderful! I liked it so much I went to BevMo right after to get some more for later. Yum!

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