Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mac and Cheese Tease

Ok. It’s like this. This Mac and Cheese is freaking amazing! This is one of the best Mac and Cheese’s I have ever had. Notice I did not say this is one of the best VEGAN Mac and Cheese’s I have ever had. This baby needs no such distinction. It can stand with the rest of them. For reals.
This is not your mother’s mac and cheese. This mac and cheese is gourmet. It’s fancy. It has spices and fresh herbs and a decadent roux sauce. This mac and cheese tastes like cheese without any modern trickery. No Daiya here, no Tofutti. This is just real food and it’s real good. Not only that, but this is a baked mac and cheese. So it has that sublime crunchy carmelized goodness on the edges and some crunchy toasty breadcrumbs on top. Underneath that is a treasure trove of chewy noodles and just the right amount of creamy cheesy sauce. Hell yes.

Now that I have built this up I should admit that I will not be posting the recipe here. The creator of this beautiful beast deserves all the credit, and maybe your hard-earned dollars. The price of the book is worth it for just this recipe alone. This is the Bajan Macaroni Pie from Caribbean Vegan. Well done Taymer Mason, WELL DONE.

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